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09/18/05 03:38 PM
rx3715 - Accessories

I am going to buy an HP rx3715 but want to know whether it is possible to use the voice recorder for my lectures (i.e. for an hour at a time).

I know that the microphone wont be good for recording my lectures so I wondered whether there are any microphone accessories I can add to enable me to do this?

In addition to this can you also tell me whether using an SD card will give the extra storage to record lengthy recordings or whether this is restricted by the software on the PDA.

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09/21/05 03:46 PM
Re: rx3715 - Accessories


I dont know how good or bad the mic on the 3710 is, but I know that you can record to an SD card or even the file store.
I dont know of any microphone accessories, but I have an iPAQ h2210 and I found the mic to be quite good.


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