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04/04/07 12:11 AM
best or favorite BT headset

Hey, just bought a used xv6700 on ebay for a great deal and now i'm looking into a headset. i've never done the bluetooth thing before. i've read the reviews on this site and there are a lot of pros for various headsets, but what is your favorite, or which ones are the best of all the ones reviewed? thanks.


p.s. appreciate your site, read it for many years and its been very helpful and entertaining

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04/04/07 01:45 AM
Re: best or favorite BT headset

Glad you've enjoyed our site . My personal favorite is the Plantronics Discovery 640. Excellent sound quality, really small and light and you don't have to wear an ear hook. The range isn't superb (which is generally true of the smallest BT headsets) but it's usuable within 15 feet.

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04/10/08 12:29 PM
Re: best or favorite BT headset

I would go for the Samsung WEP200 Beacuse it is small a strong microphone and great sound quality.

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08/29/08 07:40 AM
Re: best or favorite BT headset

I have a bose qc3 with a bluetooth kit. Pretty expensive and it's not really wireless. There's a wire from the headset to the bluetooth kit. Even though it has noise cancelling, it doesn't filter the noise for a outgoing voice so you will hear the background noise when Im talking.

The jawbone II is a killer. You can host a conference call in a restaurant without anyone realizing it. The jawbone original is good also, just a little bit bigger. It has been reported that in some cases it's better than the jawbone II.

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