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07/02/10 09:58 AM
iPhone 4 cases recommendation

Hey guys!

Apple had launched the latest model iPhone 4, any recommendation for new Apple iPhone 4 cases?

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07/02/10 10:00 PM
Re: iPhone 4 cases recommendation

The iPhone 4 has been out such a short time that there aren't yet many cases shipping, and Apple's own bumper case seems to be out of stock at many locations. We'll be publishing iPhone 4 case reviews as the cases come in, and we did get two very nice case-mate cases that don't add bulk (they call them barely there cases).

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07/27/10 01:56 PM
Re: iPhone 4 cases recommendation

Has anyone looked into leather cases for iPhone 4? I found a company that sells leather cases for the iphone 4 that fits with or without the bumper. Looks really nice and they are priced right too. Take a look at The selection of leather products they have that fits the phone with the bumper is really great. I'm interested to hear what anyone else thinks.

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09/11/10 09:35 AM
Re: iPhone 4 cases recommendation

I have bought from both PDair and casemate before. They are both good.

PDair's iPhone cases provide more colors and are cheaper. Casemate's design is cool.

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09/19/10 09:58 AM
Re: iPhone 4 cases recommendation

yep, casemate's design is more fancy, but I still prefer PDair cos I think their design is like...more mature, more classic and better for business environment.

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11/01/10 01:35 AM
Leather holster for iphone and bumper or other fitted case

Inteestingly designed leather holsters that fit your iPhone without having to remove a bumper, silicone, or plastic case AND your choice of four styles, all at $19.99 each with a 90-day guarantee and free shipping at

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11/02/12 04:28 PM
Re: Leather holster for iphone and bumper or other fitted case

If you want a nice handmade leather case / sleeve for your iPhone, you should check this:

I love it. Takes some time to ship from Europe, but it's a great piece of work. Hand stitched and in full grain leather, I think I'm going to buy more from them.

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