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08/16/04 02:53 PM
Handspring Replacement Cradle, Lotus software, etc

A few years ago a colleague gave me a Handspring Visor. I didn't use it very much but now I have a new job and I believe it could greatly assist me. I am on the road a bit and need easy access to my schedule and contacts.

My problem is I lost my handspring cradle AND cd-rom software. I need any PDA to be able to synch to my new computer (Dell) and Lotus Notes (we don't use Microsoft Office).

I guess I have three questions:
1- Will I be able to find a replacement Handspring Visor cradle somewhere and software to synch with Lotus Notes?
2- If NO to question 1, I assume I will have to purchase a new PDA. Any suggestions on a cheap (under $150) PDA where my main concerns are maintaining contacts, appointments, backing up my information (I just lost ALL of my contacts when the batteries died) and perhaps a few games?
3- Obviously I am a PDA novice and don't know about the new features that have come along the past couple years. I don't need a digital camera- or even a color screen- but are there some new business-oriented features I should look into even if it bumps up the price a bit?


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