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10/09/06 09:41 PM
Treo 700w from Verizon Wireless

I currently own a Treo 600 and I have had PDA phones since Kyosera first came up. I do not need the Internet package. I basically need the phone to use it as a PDA to synch my Outlook calendar, my contacts and tasks.
I went to Verizon in Pembroke Pines Florida to buy a new Treo 700w since the old 600 completely died. The person that attended me in Verizon told me that I have to buy the Internet package (min $20 a month) to use this phone because the phone goes online by itself, and then I'll be charged. To me ... this is unbelievable! Is this a trick of the Verizon sales person to get more customers sign up for more money, or is this true? How can Palm come up with a design where the phone will go to the Internet by itself forcing customers to get hooked to more expensive plans??? Of course ... I left the store, and did not purchase the phone. Can anybody that owns this phone tell me if this is true?

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