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06/07/06 03:36 AM
Rip DVD to Pocket PC

Hello guys,

Want to turn your favorite DVD movies into Pocket PC and have fun on you go?

I have played around with about 10 different programs and I have found the Pocket DVD Studio from Wondershare is by far the easiest and quickest to use, which helps you convert DVD movies to Window Media Video format for playback on Pocket PC, Palm, smart phone , etc. Available at


(Moderator and writer)
06/07/06 04:02 AM
Re: Rip DVD to Pocket PC

Hey, lookaa, here's a tip: if you're going to come here and shill for this product pretending to be an impartial customer, at least don't register with an e-mail address using the @wondershare.com domain!!

We are actually working on a FAQ about ripping DVDs to PDAs. This form of deceptive advertising is unfair and may have a negative effect on how your program is considered for the review.

I have deleted your posts in the forums where I have authority to do so. You have also been banned and sentenced to a lifetime of watching the Smurfs.

09/24/06 01:50 AM
Re: Rip DVD to Pocket PC

Pocket-DVD Studio is the easiest and quickest to convert dvd to ppc. i have download it from bestshareware.net

(junior member)
10/26/06 03:30 PM
Re: Rip DVD to Pocket PC

Is this more accurate? I'm interested in watching on my Verizon XV-6700 and don't want to purchase poorly crafted software. And I don't want to encourage people to post deceptive ads that look like reviews.

Also, please don't e-mail gottogo@iug.com

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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05/30/07 02:19 AM
Re: Rip DVD to Pocket PC

Very useful software.I also find DVD to iPhone and DVD to iPod are also easy to use.

(junior member)
08/18/07 06:27 AM
Re: Rip DVD to Pocket PC *DELETED*

Post deleted by sammy

(junior member)
08/23/07 06:04 AM
Re: Rip DVD to Pocket PC

Maybe you can try Any DVD Converter, it can rip dvd to mp4, mpg, flv, avi or mp3....

(junior member)
08/28/08 07:09 AM
Re: Rip DVD to Pocket PC

Usehandbrake (free)

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