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09/14/06 08:01 PM
Adobe Reader for Windows Mobile 5?

I just bought the HP hx2790, it has Windows Mobile 5.0. My old PDA could run Adobe Reader for Pocket PC 2.0. The Pocket PC 2.0 version of Adobe Reader doesn't want to install, I'm assuming it's not compatible.

How/where do I get a Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible .PDF reader? Without it, my new PDA is almost useless. I couldn't find anything on Adobe's website except the 2.0 version.

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09/22/06 02:32 PM
Re: Adobe Reader for Windows Mobile 5?

I know some folks reported having install programs while for others it worked fine. I myself haven't had any trouble installing it on WM5 Pocket PCs. If you haven't already, you might want to download it again from Adobe's site as they may have tweaked the app and installer without changing the major version number.

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09/30/06 05:04 PM
Re: Adobe Reader for Windows Mobile 5?

I just posted this in another thread...

I was successful. A few days ago I tried to install Reader 2.0 (on a Sprint 6700), but had the same problems a lot of people were having and checked forums without success. What I didn't notice until today was that the installer left a .CAB file. The .CAB file was able to install and works well from the storage card. If it didn't leave a .CAB file for you, PM me and I'll send it.

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11/29/06 04:13 PM
Re: Adobe Reader for Windows Mobile 5?

ClearVue PDF from Westtek, LLC works well. The ClearVue Suite comes bundled with some phones and can handle PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, but costs thirty-buck$ to buy separately ... the PDF viewer is $9.

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