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07/11/07 04:39 PM
problem ( qtek s100; win mobile 2003 )

hm... can i do that and how cuz it has crashed and i cant connect it via activesync ( when i start the phone it keeps on reseting... when it comes to the pass it just resets by itself:/
) so... it crashed like this: i was recording smthing and it took all my phone memory ... it was saying low memory when it finished recording.... but i putted it in my pocket cuz i was at work and needed to do smthing... then when i wanted to get it out of my pocket i kinda opened the back of the batery and phone turned off... ( when u slide the batery cover on qtek s100 phone turnes off:/ ) ... then i tried to turn the phone on and it didnt work:( .. maybe not enought memoby to boot or smthing?... i need to fix this... so i need help cuz i kinda tried everything and it didnt work:(

(Head Honcho)
07/13/07 03:00 PM
Re: problem ( qtek s100; win mobile 2003 )

Sounds like a hard reset is in order. This will wipe the phone to factory fresh and wipe out your data though (you can restore your contacts, calendar and etc via ActiveSync though). To hard reset it press and hold the power button and use the stylus to press the soft reset button at the bottom of the unit at the same time.

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