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07/15/08 09:17 PM
MSearch 1.42 for Pocket PC

MSearch 1.42 - multifunctional search system.

MSearch 1.42 - application with the help of which you can always find the necessary file if you have at least a part of its name or content, or approximate time of its creation.


1 Search by former

It?s enough to have just a part of the file name to find it. For example, the name of the file is customer.doc. You remember that in the middle of the file name there is the syllable ?tom. You can enter the former *tom* to find the necessary file.

2 Search by content

It?s enough to have just one thing ? two words that the file name contains to find this file. Enter a word into the field of the file content, and the program will give out all the files that contain this word.

3 Search by the date of the file creation

Try to remember an approximate date of the file creation, and the program will give out all the files which were created this date.

4 Extra functions

You can apply many other operations to the found files.
You can start them, edit, copy, delete and also simply open them and change their properties

System requirements:

Windows Mobile 2003, 5.0, 6.0
.NET Compact Framework 2.0 and higher


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