Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
08/27/04 12:19 AM
Yanoff Usenet News Reader for Palm

SonLight Software has released New Yanoff version 2.1, a news reader for Palm OS.

New Yanoff is an online/offline Usenet NNTP news reader for palmOne and Palm OS-compatible PDA's. New Yanoff is offered in two versions: Yanoff- and Yanoff+.

Yanoff- is the freeware version which features:
* Full compatibility with OS4 and OS5 (Garnet)
* Multiple download methods (e.g. Batch-Header with Body-on-Demand)
* Outgoing support for news (NNTP) and simple email (SMTP)
* Context-sensitive, user-definable buttons
* Multiple-server support
* Essential MIME support
* Event (e.g. error) and port logging (allows for uninterrupted polling)
* Global Find support
* Audible feedback/alerts

Yanoff+ is the advanced commercial version which contains everything found
in Yanoff- plus much more, including:
* Authenticated login support for SMTP
* Killfile and other Anti-SPAM functions
* Thread caching for radical speed increases in article threading
* Progress dialogs and cancel/defer/resume ability for long operations
* ROT13 and ReverseText
* Multiple fonts
* SentBox option

Yanoff+ can be operated in trialware mode for 15 days after which it locks down to the Yanoff- feature set. Users can purchase an unlock key for $24.00 (US) via SonLight Software's online store which restores the locked features of expired Yanoff+.

New Yanoff version 2.1 for Palm OS can be downloaded at:

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