(junior member)
08/08/05 07:10 AM
Cannot seem to install movie file

I installed the TCPMP media player on my Palm Tungsten E2 and then found a short MP4 video to try it out.

I placed the file in the Palm One QuickInstall which defaulted to "Expansion Card." I then HotSynced to my device and got this message in the QuickInstall window: "There is no application on the organizer to handle this file." I have a 512 mb SD card in my E2 so I cannot understand why it would not install it.

I searched through my palm documentation: no luck. Does anyone know how to remedy this situation?

Thank you.

(PDA Addict)
08/10/05 11:52 PM
Re: Cannot seem to install movie file

Have you ever actually run the TCPMP program? That makes a difference sometimes. If that doesn't fix it, get a card reader.

(junior member)
10/20/05 12:41 AM
Re: Cannot seem to install movie file

Installing anything over a few MB in size via Hotsync is a frustrating experience. First, it will literally take way too long to do, especially, if you're installing a 100MB file. Better to get a card reader for $15 or less at the nearest computer, or electronics store. Then, try transferring the file over and it's done in minutes, not hours.

Otherwise, pay the same amount of money for Card Export II. Or trying PFB (Palm File Browser. I'd suggest getting the card reader since it works on anything with USB.

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