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07/07/04 07:29 AM
T2 with Belkin BT AP

I'm having some real issues trying to connect my pda to the internet.

Firstly, I bought a Belkin USB to BT adaptor and failed miserably, but MochaPPP worked fine.

Secondly, and partially because the short range of the USB/BT adaptor, I brought the Belkin BT access point.

I can not seem to get my PDA to pair with the Access Point and everytime I enter the passkey it disconnects. So when I search for new BT devices on my pda it finds the AP but when I connect and it asks for the passkey, which I supply and have checked and changed several times over the Web manager, it disconnects straight away.

I'm so frustrated with the entire PDA internet access thing as I've spent the last 2 nights seemingly banging my head against a brick wall.

Please someone help!!!

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07/08/04 11:20 AM
Re: T2 with Belkin BT AP

Now have PDA and AP paired but still can't access web based admin manager using WebPro

Internet problems maybe down to my Aol DSL connection, which may use a proxy. Otherwise no further forward.

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07/26/04 07:34 PM
Re: T2 with Belkin BT AP

I don't use any passkey. Access points work differently than other BT devices and you don't actually need to pair with one. But you can if you like.

To connect to the access point, go to Prefs and select connections. Create a new connection and name it whatever you like. Connect to: Local Network. Via: Bluetooth. Then tap on the device box to find and select your access point.

Next, go to prefs, Network. Select the new connection you created for "Service:". Leave username and password blank. Tap the Connect button. Now launch WebPro and you should be able to surf the web!

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