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05/23/06 03:56 PM
Best Bluetooth CarKit?

I own the original Motorola Bluetooth CarKit and had it professionally installed. I love having the handsfree operation regardless of whether my phone is in my brief case or elsewhere in the car. You can hear incoming voices perfectly but people on the other end complain that there is too much road noise and they have to strain to hear me. In looking at the newest model (Bluetooth Car Kit IHF1000) -- people who own it are still complaining about the same thing.

Can anyone make a recommendation for a bluetooth carkit that DOESN'T have all that background noise for the listener on the other end?

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01/14/08 12:33 AM
Re: Best Bluetooth CarKit?

A belated response but one a suggestion all the same for someone who might have the same need. I got one a portable bluetooth device online at bluecrests.com you can check it out, I thought it was great especially with the caller id display.

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07/09/09 12:28 PM
Re: Best Bluetooth CarKit?

If you have a GM vehicle with Onstar you may be interested in a new product called the Galaxy 1000, a bluetooth interface that pairs your phone with the GM Onstar phone system. If you are no longer using your Onstar service you can simply unplug the Onstar box and plug in the Galaxy 1000. Installation is easy (I did mine in less than 3 minutes) and the quality of the conversation is fantastic. To purchase or for more information you can go to galaxy1000.com.

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