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08/17/06 03:13 AM
Verizon XV6700 & Crippled Bluetooth

I have been trying to pair a Verizon XV6700 phone to a BMW 650. I can establish a link to make and receive calls with no problem. However, I cannot get my address book to download to the car. I spoke to a tech support person in our local store today and he indicated that Verizon had crippled this capability in this phone, (a Motorola Razor works fine). He also suggest I could probably find a solution at one of these forums!

Is there a registry hack I can use to enable the downloading of my address book to the car? If so, please provide specific instructions.



(Head Honcho)
08/24/06 02:36 AM
Re: Verizon XV6700 & Crippled Bluetooth

I don't know of a registry hack but I'm not sure at all this has anything to do with Verizon-- why would they cripple the feature on one of their phones but not another. The truth is that many smartphones have trouble downloading address books to BT cars and car kits. PDA phones and smartphones have more complex address books with many more fields than standard feature phones like the RAZR and that can cause problems.

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