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08/10/04 11:59 PM
New tablets? 2nd & 3rd gen

I know that several companies, such as gateway, toshiba, viewsonic and electrovaya have released 2nd generation tablets with huge improvements over 1st generation tablets, but does anyone know when the other companies will follow up with newer models? Are there any plans for 3rd generation improvements to displays, size, weight and adding CD drives and things like that? When will more 2nd gen and some 3rd gen tablets be released?

Thanx for any reponses

(Head Honcho)
08/12/04 12:24 AM
Re: New tablets? 2nd & 3rd gen

I'm sure we'll see third generation tablets-- you know how the tech world works. Likely we'll just see models gradually revised until mid-2005 to match the increases in regular notebook specs.

(junior member)
07/05/05 04:24 PM
Re: New tablets? 2nd & 3rd gen

It is an annoying truth that there is no good time to buy any kind of technology. If it is useful to you now then buy now. If it is just an extravagance you can't afford then wait.

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