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01/26/06 04:21 AM
Speech recognition probs

So I'm running a refurb Tecra M4 convertible with XP tablet edition. I have really enjoyed it, except for one big ugly bug: the speech recognition engine stops working for no apparent reason. It doesn't give an error message, doesn't make the little "ding" sound that the input panel makes when I turn off speech recognition manually, and appears to behave exactly as it would if the speech recognition were still working. Except, of course, that the little box that follows the mouse pointer doesn't display anything except a single meter bar that varies with the noise level, indicating that the microphone and sound system are still working. No other problems are associated with this glitch, and I can make it disappear by rebooting or by going into the "speech" control panel and changing the microphone source between "preferred" and manually selected.
Microsoft will not even listen to me without a $35.00 payment, as the software is OEM. So if anyone here has some advice or a solution, I'm eager to try it.

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