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01/02/05 07:55 AM
Is this eBay TR3 sale a cheat somehow?

I just noticed this on eBay, and the people have good feedback, but it's hard to believe you can buy the TR3A, even refurbished, for $1400.


TR3A on eBay for $1400

Or am I sorely behind the times?


(PDA Addict)
01/05/05 08:53 PM
Re: Is this eBay TR3 sale a cheat somehow?

That auction has ended now, but that price isn't impossible for a used or refurbed TR3A.

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05/25/06 02:32 PM
Re: Is this eBay TR3 sale a cheat somehow?


Don't trust on eBay or any other online trading.

They are the very high level frauds.
In my first buying i cheated by them.They got the money from me and
credited into the seller account and now they are saying "be calm
Surely we will trace the seller" after seller was run away.
So be very carefull they are linked theif doing in higher level.
after lost if u are in US are in Europe you can take Legal action.
But like me in india we can't legal action very easily because they
will bribe the higher level police officers and judges.


(Moderator and writer)
05/25/06 03:49 PM
Re: Is this eBay TR3 sale a cheat somehow?

Welcome to MTR pgs_manian.

I have actually had almost entirely good experiences with eBay. I do disagree with some of their policies about fees and especially feedback management, but other than that, keep in mind that just about any problems you experience are the fault of the seller you choose, not the site itself.

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