(junior member)
11/04/05 01:40 AM
Averatec 4200

While Averatec and the tests show that it has a long battery life, I've never gotten more than an hour of use even when using max battery. Until this week Averatec's support personnel refused to acknowledge that there might be a problem (5 months). Now the battery won't recharge to more than 73% even when left plugged in to recharge overnight. Despite this, I have been fairly satisfied with the product otherwise.

(Head Honcho)
11/12/05 02:43 AM
Re: Averatec 4200

Sounds like a bad battery if it won't even charge fully. And that runtime is absolutely terrible. Ours managed 3x longer. Request a replacement battery under warranty.

(PDA Addict)
11/23/05 04:41 PM
Re: Averatec 4200

You need to get the battery replaced asap, as most manufacturers only have 3 months warranty on the battery.

(junior member)
11/28/05 01:33 AM
Re: Averatec 4200

Good luck getting Averatec to respond to problems. (See my post about the deceptive advertising of the included XP Pro, a proprietary version which does not function as I need it to.) If anyone has good luck getting them to fix the problems, I hope to hear about it.

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