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12/14/07 01:17 AM
Seeking advice on Subnotebook/UMPC


I'm in the market for either a subnotebook or possibly a UMPC, and wondered if anyone could give some advice based on my needs.

I would like to find something that is sort of a cross between my PDA (Verizon XV6700) and my laptop (Toshiba Portege M400). I have been happy with both of these over the last couple years, but I'd like a screen that is larger than a PDA screen, in a unit that is more portable than a laptop. I take the laptop with me on the occasional business trip or vacation, but it's never with me when I run into town to the hardware store or whatever.

The PDA is always with me, but my eyes aren't what they used to be?I have to wear reading glasses and it's getting more difficult to deal with tiny screens. I'd like to not spend more than about 1k if possible, which rules out the OQO, although it seems nice. I am currently leaning towards the Samsung Q1 Ultra, although if I go that route I would get the Win XP version rather than the Vista, as the review makes it sound too sluggish with Vista.

In a perfect world, I would want:

Screen size of 6" diagonal or larger
Ability to run Windows
I would prefer to have the ability of key input as well as stylus
30 gig or more drive space

I am not as concerned with processor speed?if it does what I want, I can wait for the occasional semi-sluggishness.

What I would use it for:

Taking occasional notes, either with key input or stylus.
Watching movies while traveling.
Accessing internet via wifi (I would love to find something that could double for occasional phone use, and access the internet through built-in modem, does such a thing exist?)
I use Microsoft OneNote on my desktop, so syncing that to a portable version would be nice.
Some game playing, (although I know most subnotebooks and UMPC devices require some tweaking to get PC games to run, and can't handle the heavy duty games.)
I do very little with business software, it's mostly for entertainment and some note taking. (Bonus points if it can record voice notes.)

If you have any other suggestions of units for me to check out, it would be appreciated!

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12/17/07 02:58 AM
Re: Seeking advice on Subnotebook/UMPC

I've been using the Fujitsu U810 which we recently reviewed here: . It's much smaller than a notebook, a tad bigger than the OQO and sells for $999 or so. It comes with either Vista Home or Vista Business, but the Vista Business version includes a restore disk and license for WinXP Tablet Edition (it runs faster on XP).

If you're still willing to consider a Windows Mobile device, the HTC Advantage X7501 has a VGA display that's very easy on the eyes (even if you're in the reading glasses phase of life). And it's more powerful than the XV6700: .

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12/17/07 07:58 AM
Re: Seeking advice on Subnotebook/UMPC

Thanks Lisa. I was at a Fry's in L.A. yesterday and was able to check out the Fujitsu and the Samsung Q1Ultra (they were the only two UMPC's they had.)

I liked the keyboard on the Fujitsu, but the screen was kind of hard to read...font seemed really tiny. Is there a way to increase the font size? I loved the size of the screen on the Samsung. I'm also taking a look at the HPC Shift. It's a little more than I wanted to spend, but it seems pretty nice.

I'll check out the X7501 also.


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12/19/07 06:49 AM
Re: Seeking advice on Subnotebook/UMPC

Heh, you could wait for Macworld and see if the rumors about some sort of "MacBook nano" are true.

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02/10/08 04:13 PM
Re: Seeking advice on Subnotebook/UMPC

And in fact we do now have the MacBook Air now

You can increase the font size in Windows to make it easier to read the U810's screen, or set it to a lower resolution.

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