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08/12/12 05:15 PM
Asus UX32VD memory upgrade

I watch with great interest all of your video reviews and I believe you have the best grasp of the issues that are most important to the viewers. As a matter of fact it was Lisa's review of the Asus UX32VD-DB71 that made me purchase that "guy"

Could you please tell us what brand and specs of the 8GB RAM you used to replace the installed 2GB?

Also, what specific screwdriver (size and type) is needed to open the 12 screws on the cover?

Than you.

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08/12/12 09:02 PM
Re: Asus UX32VD memory upgrade

You'll need a Torx T5 screwdriver. It's become the new darling of Ultrabook makers. The brand of RAM doesn't really matter, but you want a standard SODIMM that's DDR3 1600MHz.

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08/13/12 12:13 AM
Re: Asus UX32VD memory upgrade

I recently needed some tiny Torx screwdrivers myself for an unrelated purpose, and I couldn't find them anywhere locally. (I tried buying a multi-Torx set at the local store thinking that would have me covered, but they were all way too big.)

I ordered this and it worked fine, when it finally got here. I almost feel like saying, "If you use computers, just order some Torxes now, whether you think you'll need them or not."

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