12/14/06 09:05 AM
1st ever Personal Secretary SAPIE

Hi everyone,
I wanna say an interesting programm released - Personal Secretary for the Pocket PC!

SAPIE, a first ever Personal A.I. Secretary is designed to fulfill the whole range of secretary duties. It was raised under strict supervision in Speereo Software Labs. It can be installed on your handheld device to help you maintain your agenda, contacts, tasks and email accounts.

SAPIE is based on Speereo Speech Recognition technology (SSR) that offers you 99,9% accuracy and speaker-independency. SAPIE is able to maintain a natural dialogue with you, so you can now carry your briefcase or drive a car while speaking to your personal adviser. Don?t bother and don?t tap the screen.

Since SAPIE is an artificial intelligence unit, you can teach her custom commands according to his own needs. One phrase to launch SAPIE, another phrase to record a reminder.

SAPIE is obviously time-effective.
More information see at the
official site

10/10/08 09:52 AM
Re: 1st ever Personal Secretary SAPIE

Speereo? Voice Organizer (Sapie) is the Finalist in the eighth annual Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards!

Meet Sapie: a first ever Personal Artificial Secretary. The program combines features of detailed phone book and handy phone dialer, voice mailer and easy audio comment reminder together with advanced event scheduler. Everything is operated on the tip of a tongue by voice commands.

Sapie is the Finalist in PocketPC Utilities Speech & Voice Commander / Dialer category. The list of winners is published here: http://www.pocketpcmag.com/cms/awards/2008/winners_ppc_apps

Multiple Pocket PC?s Best Software Finalist, Speereo? Voice Organizer will definitely surpass your expectations. It features of three Speereo? products:

1. Speereo? Voice Reminder
Voice Reminder features quick agenda planning via 3 easy steps of voice data input including Appointments, Events and Meetings.
2. Speereo? Voice Contact
Voice Contact allows to record contact information and find person by name, company or city. Dozens of contact information fields, each can be voice-commented.
3. Speereo? Voice Mailer
Voice Mailer offers almost unlimited length of audio message due to very small size of file.

Speereo? Voice Organizer also features easy task scheduling and friendly human interaction with downloadable personal secretary - Sapie.

Interface & Technology
* Voice Navigation through logically structured interface;
* Easy one-button operation;
* All data is stored in device memory, so no need to call out and pay subscription fee;
* Speereo? Speech Recognition technology offers 100% speaker - independency from any user's accent;
* Unique high compression recording algorithm with 2 voice compression modes;
* Unlimited voice comment additions;
* Desktop PC Synchronization.

Go to http://www.personal-secretary.com to download the latest version!

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