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02/15/09 12:15 PM
Nutshell releases long life leather Belt Cases with safety shielded Magnetic closures

Nutshell, a New Zealand company which has been supplying hand made genuine leather cases to the world's mobile computing community since 1997, has released an optional shielded magnetic closure.

Nutshell offers a range of different sized leather belt cases designed to accommodate popular PDAs, Smartphones and Touchphones, including the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Storm.

In addition to an open topped pouch, Nutshell's tab-top and full-flap options can now be ordered through the company web catalog with a secure magnetic closure in place of more traditional Velcro hook'n'loop.

"Unlike most other cases that offer an unshielded magnet to close the top of the case, Nutshell's magnetic closure delivers close to zero Gauss into the inside of the case," says Nutshell's Ian Miller. "It's a clever combination of magnet plus keepers that makes our closures super-strong, but safe to use with mobile electronics that may be adversely affected by strong magnetic fields."

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