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06/19/09 12:23 PM
Basic4ppc v6.80 is released

I'm happy to release Basic4ppc v6.80.
Basic4ppc is a development environment which targets Windows Mobile devices.
Basic4ppc includes a large set of libraries such as: GPS, Network, Database (SQL), Serial ports, FTP, HTTP (web services), Graphics, Pocket Outlook and many more.

The new version includes many improvements such as:

- New AutoScale compilation mode which allows the program to scale automatically according to the device screen resolution.
- All internal controls are compatible with high resolution screens.
- VGA device IDE is included.

New keywords:
- ScreenScaleX / ScreenScaleY - Returns the relation between the screen dpi and QVGA dpi. Returns 1 for QVGA screens and 2 for VGA screens.
- SenderFullName - Returns the full name (including module) of the control that fired the current event.
- AddHashtable - Adds a Hashtable at runtime
- AddStack - Adds a Stack at runtime.
- New Hashtable collection.
- New Stack collection.
- Label supports transparent mode.

Device IDE:
- New Find dialog.
- Edit functions use the standard clipboard.

Desktop IDE:
- New 'Go to line' dialog.
- Highlighting of selected word in document.

- SQL library updated to SQLite v3.6.3.
- SQL library support encrypting and decrypting databases.

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