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05/27/10 06:09 AM
My Virtual Girlfriend for Iphone

I'm proud to announce that "My Virtual Girlfriend" for
Iphone/Itouch is now available on the itunes store. Below is a link:
My Virtual Girlfriend for iphone

Headline: Need a girlfriend? There's an app for that!

Las Vegas, Nevada, - WET Productions today announced that My Virtual Girlfriend, is available on the itunes store.

My Virtual Girlfriend is a fully 3D, interactive, virtual girl, dating / simulation game that is geared toward the male iphone owner who appreciates a little adult humor with some sex appeal. It works on both Iphone and Ipod touch. People wishing to download the app can visit http://www.myvirtualgirlfriendgame.com
My Virtual Girlfriend web site with screen shots and more info

My Virtual Girlfriend Features:

* Hundreds of Beautiful (and some not so beautiful) Virtual women in full 3d.

* The girls have unique personalities, but with stereotypical womanlike behaviors.

* Clever and funny dialog keep it refreshingly entertaining. As you progress in the game- the dialog becomes more intimate.

* There are several different ways to interact with you?re virtual girlfriend : Expressive Emotes, Actions, Activities and even by Touch !

* Exclusive Touch system allows you to interact with her by touching her and you will get different results based on touch location, and her current mood.

* Full 3d environments allows for easy camera control, Zoom in, out, and rotate around your new virtual girlfriend.

"Most guys are pretty busy nowadays, they want a game that is not a huge time investment- It has to be entertaining with a bit of humor and sex appeal. I'm providing just that kind of experience for them." Said Mike Amerson, President of WET Productions. "We wanted to make a quality Virtual girl type of app with humorous and typical female behaviors that all men identify with - and the Iphone was the perfect platform to do it on"

Device Requirements:
*Iphone or Ipod Touch

Pricing and Availability:

My Virtual Girlfriend is available for $2.99 and available may, 20th, 2010 worldwide, exclusively through the app store on itunes, the games>simulation and games>role playing categories. Review copies are available upon request.


Mike Amerson

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