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05/28/10 12:18 PM
Our 1st - New App developed by a very small team ? uSpell:iEvolve

Hi - I would consider myself to be quite an enterprising woman as I have finally developed my first Game! Phew !
I would like to present our App - uSpell:iEvolve for all Word Game Fans I purchased my first mac to develop I phone games on as I have found behind the fun is serious business, hard work and a degree of luck.

The purpose of the Game is ? To Beat the tiles by dragging or tapping adjacent letters to make words and achieve the level score before the board fills or the time runs out. Pit your wits against an increasingly challenging game play as the tiles fall faster, the time allowed gets shorter and the level score required soars. If that isn't hard enough for you, try switching the difficulty level to "Challenging" or "Insane" great graphics, powerups and many levels.
"Link" the lizard evolves during the level play to indicate the level completion status and the later levels have power-ups to give you a little helping hand from time to time.

Promo codes.. Have Fun; MHPRL3EE7YWK & MPLN4F7L3HRN ? I would be grateful for any reviews I would appreciate it.

uSpell:Lite is also available.

iTunes Apps Store Link:

This is our first game & we would love to get your feedback on the App in general Thank you.

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