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10/23/11 10:17 AM
StringZ HD - (NEW iPad GAME ) *****

Dear Bloggers of MobiletechReview,

Thank you for caring!

Finally we have released our first new game for iPad so we are very prowd to share it wih you!

WingzStudio is a small "indie" developer company so please be gentle on your comments. :0)

Best regards,

WingzStudio, Lda

AppStore link:


Website: [image][/image] [image][/image]

  • WingzStudio
    (junior member)
    10/23/11 02:13 PM
    Re: StringZ HD - (NEW iPad GAME ) *****

    New Update comming up very Soon! including GAME PLAY

    (junior member)
    12/13/11 12:31 AM
    Re: StringZ HD - (NEW iPad GAME ) *****

    "Stringz HD" for iPAd New Update Coming UP!

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