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05/20/04 03:22 PM
HP 4150 vs. Dell X30 624MHz

Hi folks,

I just purchased an HP 4150. My previous pda was a Dell X5. The Dell was getting pretty tired and I wanted a smaller, faster machine.

My main reason for choosing the 4150 was that it had everything I wanted (wifi, BT) in a very small package. I can now carry it in my pants pocket & have it with me all the time.

However, I just read the review of the Dell X30, and it sounds like a great unit. My main concern is the size. Since Dell only sells via internet, I can't try one out.

So - could anyone who has an X3/X30 give me feedback on its size? Is it small enough to fit in a front pants pocket? Those of you who have also had a chance to compare it to a 4150, how does it stack up? (size, quality, durability, etc)

I have 2 days left to return my 4150 to CompUSA, so any feedback would be appreciated.


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