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10/02/04 10:47 PM
Active Sync Lotus Notes/Outlook Plug-in

I've had my Dell X30 with wireless for a couple weeks. I am trying to do the following and could use some help.

1 Work Laptop has Lotus Notes and MS Outlook plugin. I wish to sync only calendar & Tasks. NO Email. Possibly Avantgo
2 Home PC has Outlook. I wish to sync contacts. Possibly Avantgo. NO Email

PROBLEM. I cannot sync calendar information from Laptop. I was initally able to sync Contacts from my Home PC when I was just fooling around. I've since deleted all partnerships and started over.

1 Instructions imply that 1 partnership needs to be established... on Laptop?
2 No partnership on Home PC, per instructions say "you want to sync to more than 1 computer". This is what I want to do since I will "cherry pick" what I want to sync.
3 Any issues with the plugin?
4 How should the partnerships be set up based on my requirements?
5 Could I really sync everything, excluding email, from both computers knowing that the data will be intermixed?

Thanks in advance for your help

(Head Honcho)
10/05/04 05:38 AM
Re: Active Sync Lotus Notes/Outlook Plug-in

A Pocket PC can have partnerships with two PCs max, so you should be fine. You should also be able to sync everything, and the data will be merged from both PCs.

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10/07/04 12:09 PM
Re: Active Sync Lotus Notes/Outlook Plug-in


I am able to sync with both computers. Using the Outlook connector to Lotus Notes at work is not working well with Calendar. This app eventually locks and has a problem displaying information correctly. My associate experienced the same symptoms and switched to Active Sync and Intellisync together. I'm switching over too. We'll see what happens.

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