(junior member)
02/17/05 12:50 AM
Dell Axim x30 Sync with hotmail

I'm very new to the pda world. My question is about syncing my x30 up with my hotmail account. Is it possible using the messaging program to send and recieve email with my hotmail account? I tried to configure this thru the pda, but the only to options when setting up my account were POP3 and IMAP, no HTTP.

PS: I do have the hotmail paid for account, so Outlook is configured for my hotmail account on my PC, and working properly. Thanks for the help.

(Head Honcho)
02/28/05 08:48 PM
Re: Dell Axim x30 Sync with hotmail

Yes, it should be possible using the paid account. I personally don't use their paid service so I can't tell you the settings. But the same settings they provide you with for the desktop should work with the Pocket PC and Pocket Outlook. As far as I know, the paid version supports POP so you shouldn't need to use HTTP which is used only when getting your email via their web site.

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