(junior member)
03/30/05 10:55 AM
anti virus,firewall &media player which for the Dellx30??

I have just bought a Dell x30 which will arrive today! Before i go online with it which anti virus and firewall can i use???

And which is a good media player winamp? Quintessental? billy? which one for dell, with wi-fi i can tune into my faverit radio station and have music while working?

On the softwear topic, is there good softwear to reformat web pages? i tried squigge??

Any advice

(Head Honcho)
07/11/05 02:25 AM
Re: anti virus,firewall &media player which for the Dellx30??

Fortunately, so far you don't need antivirus or firewall software for PDAs. In fact there is no firewall software for them. Try the included Pocket Windows Media player for MP3s. If you want something more, read our review of PPC media players.

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