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12/20/05 05:48 AM
How Do I get pics from an SD card onto my Axim X30?

Hey guys,

Newbie here to this forum- ive read a lot here in past 2 years but havent posted, please bear with me and the questions...

Have my Axim Pocket PC 30 model....never installed the software on my computer yet and want to get pictures onto my pocket pc.

I bought an SD card and dragged some jpeg pictures from my computer onto it using a card reader, and then placed the SD card in my Dell, and then proceeded to the PICTURES button and clicked options- and checked the box to Detect digital camera storage cards...

I now have pictures on the SD card, but cant seem to find them when the card is in my Axim or get them recognized by my Axim in the pictures program...

Please advise....
Also, is there a way using the SD card to get small movie clips from my canon digital camera onto the Axim and play the small video clips using Windows Media Player....

Thanks guys

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12/20/05 04:54 PM
Re: How Do I get pics from an SD card onto my Axim X30?

I'm not very familiar with that particular model, but don't you have a File Explorer program? I thought that at least a basic File Explorer was a standard part of Windows Mobile, although I don't know what OS version you have.

If you have a File Explorer, you should be able to use Copy and Paste, or tap the files directly from the card to launch them with a photo viewer, if they are "associated" correctly.

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12/23/05 05:55 PM
Re: How Do I get pics from an SD card onto my Axim X30?

For movies, get the TCPMP from www.corecodec.org. It will play a variety of movie formats, and should be able to handle the movies from your camera.

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