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02/02/06 02:25 AM
Just A Wee Bit Confused

OK, I just ordered my first PDA, an Axim x30. What I am trying to understand is; what battery types and SD card types do I need when I receive the unit? San Disk is one brand but there are several models and types. What long lasting batt. do I get? Sheesh, I thought my Nikon D70s was a handful.

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02/03/06 04:16 AM
Re: Just A Wee Bit Confused

Just get the OEM batteries from Dell. It already comes with one. Also for SD cards, stick to the name brands like Sandisk. Brands like Adata may be offering competitive prices, however, my experience with them is dicey at best.

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02/03/06 07:30 PM
Re: Just A Wee Bit Confused

What SD Card you need depends on how much stuff you'll want to install or store on the card. The come in a large variety of capacities and anything from 256 megs to 2 gigs is commonly available. You likely won't need 2 gigs unless you'll be carrying large databases such as medical references or a few full length movie. We have reviews of several brands of cards on our site. Getting a super high speed card isn't too important unless you plan on watching videos from the card.

Dell sells spare batteries should you need one and Mugen is another popular brand which tends to be a bit cheaper and higher capacity.

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02/03/06 08:37 PM
Re: Just A Wee Bit Confused

Thanks, both of you. When you have film cameras, digital cameras and all the accompanying batteries, memory cards and paraphenalia that comes with this territory, it gets a bit overwhelming to break new ground, such as a PDA. Anyhow, I shall now be off to the races.

If anyone knows of an answer or path to my other question, concerning PDA photographic exposure data, I would be appreciative. TCrowe

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