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02/07/06 09:17 PM
Conversion of MS Word doc. from PC to Dell Axim.

I have a word doc that I have tried to place on my Dell Axim. It is basically a table that I want to use for recording exposure data. The doc. is called, "exposure_template". I converted it, I think, through Active Sync 4.1.0 and it shows up on the Axim in Pocket Word as a title. However, being new to this PDA, I cannot firure out how to open it. Tried everything I know. It shows up in "pocket Word" as typed above but tapping on the title does nothing. Am I doing something wrong at the start(the conversion), or, is there something I need to do and am clueless about?

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02/08/06 02:28 AM
Re: Conversion of MS Word doc. from PC to Dell Axim.

Well, you are supposed to be able to just tap the title, I can tell you that much...

I'm a little confused because ActiveSync 4 is mainly for WM5 devices, but I thought the WM5 finally did away with Pocket Word format - so which version of Windows Mobile are you using?

You could try sending the file in native format without converting it. Even Pocket Word 2003 supports the native Word format - it's just not the default.

How big is the file? Maybe you are overloading Pocket Word?

You might just have to cough up the $50 for TextMaker. Although it's expensive by PDA standards, it is worth it if you can afford it.

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02/09/06 08:29 PM
Re: Conversion of MS Word doc. from PC to Dell Axim.

converting a word document to a pocket word version could strip off the formattings. try other solutions like TextMaker. With TextMaker, you won't need to convert the document, thus preserving the formatting. TextMaker also deals with bigger files much better than the included Pocket Word.

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02/09/06 08:34 PM
Re: Conversion of MS Word doc. from PC to Dell Axim.

Pocket Word that comes with Windows Mobile 5 does not need converting by ActiveSync. However, it does not support advanced features. headers and footers can't be edited, added or removed. you can view tables and images, but you can't do much with it. Text Maker is still a better Word Processor.

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