(junior member)
02/07/06 11:33 PM
Ratio: Replies here to Posts.

Just an observation from someone who has been involved for a lot of years on many different types of forums. There is a long lag here between a post for help and a reply. The ratio of posts to replies, at least from what I have seen here, is really lopsided. Very few replies to a whole lot of posts.

Not a criticism, mind you, perhaps just a question about who is minding the fort. I am brand new to PDA's and was brand new to this forum so I may be all wet. However, I think maybe the moderators should get together and see what can be done. Personally, I have moved to another forum for answers. It's just that I hate to see a potentially great forum so out of date and unattended.

No Offense Meant...

(Moderator and writer)
02/08/06 02:25 AM
Re: Ratio: Replies here to Posts.

Well, we do what we can...

I hang out here a lot, and I answer questions as much as possible. The two most common reasons I would not respond to an unanswered question would be if it was something I didn't know very much about, or if I was really busy and I felt that the same question had already been answered many times before.

(PDA Addict)
02/09/06 08:20 PM
Re: Ratio: Replies here to Posts.

I for one am trying my best to keep up with the forums. There are many postings that I try to answer and I try to check the forum at least twice a day, outside of my editorial duties. Thanks for the feedback!

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02/09/06 09:42 PM
Re: Ratio: Replies here to Posts.

First off, let me say that I am very happy that you took what I suggested correctly. I am a very direct person and some folks, especially in todays social climate, are not used to direct input.

When I first found this site I thought to myself, " These folks seem to have all the bases covered, think I'll sign up." I posted my first question, waited 24+ hours and heard nothing back. OK, they are busy in other sections and haven't gotten to me yet. No problem. It was then that I started gauging the number of posts vs the number of replies. I was in business for 25 years and I know how important service is to success. My only intention was to give you wonderful folks a heads up. I believe that this is the way you took my suggestion. I assume that you folks are volunteers and I took that into consideration also. I recently was a member of a Photo Site in which I wrote articles for beginning photographers. The person that owned the site paid little attention to the members and no attention to updating the site on a frequent basis. Just like marketing in a store, the merchandise has to be changed and moved often to show a fresh appearance for new and returning customers. To make a long story short, the photo site is defunct and that person is out a lot of time, energy and money. I hate to see that happen.

(Head Honcho)
02/11/06 05:51 PM
Re: Ratio: Replies here to Posts.

Keep in mind that the Dell forum is a peer discussion and not a support forum. If you want those of us who run the joint to look quickly at your post and reply, post in the Ask Us forum which is near the top of the forum listing.

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