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05/18/06 08:30 PM
MP3's into Dell Axim X30 - How??????

Ok, I have a complete liberary of music, in iTunes on my PC but have no idea on how to get them into my PDA, an Axim X30. Please help (be detailed if possible)


(Moderator and writer)
05/18/06 10:07 PM
Re: MP3's into Dell Axim X30 - How??????

Hello lannyt.

Just browse to your PPC on the desktop (using the Browse command in ActiveSync) and then drag the tracks you want straight from iTunes' list to wherever you want them on the PPC. Alternatively, you could use an expansion card with a card reader, if your PDA model supports cards.

Make sure the files really are MP3s, though - if they are AAC/Apple Lossless/something weird, then playing them on a PPC will be either much tougher, or flat-out impossible (if the files have DRM).

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