(junior member)
07/31/06 07:17 PM
How do I get internet?!!!!!

Hi, I just got a Dell Pocket PC and I have no idea what options I have as far as getting the internet hooked up on it.

First, I want to say that I want to be able to use my PC everywhere, not just at home and not just where there are wireless hookups. I want to be able to use it at work, at home, IN MY CAR etc.....

What do I need to get and how much is what I need??? Please help me out with my different options! Thanks sooo much!!!!

(Head Honcho)
09/03/06 11:55 PM
Re: How do I get internet?!!!!!

If you want Internet access most anywhere you go, your best option is to use a Bluetooth mobile phone as a modem for the Dell over Bluetooth. Or, switch to a Pocket PC Phone which has a built-in cellular radio for both voice and data.

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