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07/31/06 07:34 PM
Air Cards?

What exactly are the air cards, how do they work and how much are they to buy and how much do you pay a month for them? Do you recommend them or something else as far as using the internet everywhere.

I heard that you can buy them for the Dell Pocket Pcs, but not for sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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08/03/06 02:58 AM
Re: Air Cards?

Sprint used to offer a CF AirCard which we reviewed on this site, but I don't believe they've offered that in at least a year. These days they're all PC Cards which are for notebooks, not PDAs. They have cellular data modems inside and are used to access the Internet (and VPNs and other stuff) using the carrier's wireless connection and service. Sorta like WiFi, only it's available anywhere that carrier has service, rather than being limited to a WiFi HotSpot's 100 foot range.

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02/21/09 08:44 PM
Re: Air Cards?

it depends on what you wanna do with your aircard:
try here, it's a blog regarding aircards, with info
and drivers:

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11/18/09 10:08 AM
Re: Air Cards?

that web address doesn't work anymore
I found
wirelesscardinfo.comeverything regarding air cards and wireless cards

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