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09/01/06 06:08 AM
Mobile 5 Problems

Why is it that everytime windows anything comes along that all our software seems to take a dump? I loved my previous PPC's until I bought my Dell.... Which by the way is running windows mobile 5. and now all of a sudden I can no longer sync with ACT Even though I upgraded to the latest version of Active sync. Even the latest version of ACT will not endorse mobile 5... Whats up? Am I the only business guy who needs things to work right? Any solutions? Or Suggestions? I'm all ears.

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09/03/06 11:53 PM
Re: Mobile 5 Problems

I have a feeling it's because ActiveSync 4 made big changes behind the scenes: instead of using a USB / serial protocol as did ActiveSync 3.8 and older for WM2003, it uses networking protocols. However, WM5 has been out for quite some time and I don't know why the folks who make ACT haven't updated their software yet.

Have you ever been able to sync the WM5 Dell to ACT?

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10/24/06 04:18 AM
Re: Mobile 5 Problems

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I actually forgot about it, till now. I was searching once again for answers and I found my own question post on the web. (How wierd it that?)
Anyway my cell took ill and I bought the new Treo 700wx which I love by the way. I tried laplink 3.3 and it seemed to work transfering all of my contacts. But when I tried to set appointments on ACT and have it sync, I only get very limited info to cross over. I have tried to talk to laplink but have not found a solutions as of yet... Thanks for your interest.. Tony

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12/15/07 05:04 PM
Re: Mobile 5 Problems

I just Purchased a new out of the box Pocket Pc from Dell off of Ebay I am having problems with software down loads and other problems to, I am new to this type of forum so can someone please help me.

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12/19/07 06:44 AM
Re: Mobile 5 Problems

Hello 2007mickens,

Please start a new thread and describe the specific issues you are having so we can do our best to assist you.

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