(junior member)
02/02/09 09:08 PM
having problems downloading software

Twice now, I have tried to download software for my dell pda. After the activesync, which goes fine, I turn on my pda and get a message stating that the software I've downloaded may not display properly, since it was made for a previous version of my os, which is windows mobile second edition 2003. I then am unable to find the program anywhere on my desktop. Does anyone know of software, free or otherwise, designed for my version of windows, or is this being caused by some problem with my pda, and if so, how can I resolve it?

(Head Honcho)
02/06/09 12:11 AM
Re: having problems downloading software

Generally that warning is a warning only and doesn't block installation of an application, so I'm not sure why the installation is failing in this case. Also, most popular applications have long since been updated to work with WM2003SE, so it really shouldn't be an issue. Sorry to offer no help, but I haven't seen this problem.

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