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04/28/04 05:57 PM
Problem please help

I have an Asus mypal620
i recently bought a ibm 340mb CF type II card and it isn't reading in my paypal.

so i try to change setting like atadisk.tll ect and now my speaker won't work neither does the headphone jack (so there is no sound at all)

i tired playing a vedio ad and mp3 the vedio and mp3 file run like normal but with no sound and there is no system sound either.

I try to reset , and even hard rest( where everything is delete)

well the sound is still not working i change registery when you to the hard reset everything is gone no? because all programs got deleted and the pda look like when i bought it but still no sound can someone help

am using : pocket window 2003

any way to get every thing back to normal(fix all the registery i change) ect

and how come my IBM 340 card is not reconized (that;s what started all the problem)

HELP will be appreciated

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04/29/04 06:18 AM
Re: Problem please help

If a hard reset didn't fix the problem, you may have to send the ASUS in for service. You didn't break it, it's coincidental.

The early 340 meg microdrives had very high power requirements and the PDA may not be able to provide enough power to drive it.

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04/29/04 06:06 PM
Re: Problem please help

That's right, a hard reset would bring it back to the factory state, just as it was when you first opened the box. The OS would be completely restored and all DLLs would be back to the factory state.

If the audio hardware has failed there really isn't anything you can do to repair it. Keep in mind that if you open the PDA and try to fix it yourself, you'll voide the warranty.

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