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05/28/04 03:22 PM
Application for Desktop & Application For Pocket PC

I am facing problems; I cant run my Astrology Application, which is built On Visual Basic 6.

When I send that EXE file of my DESKTOP application into my Pocket PC by using SYN, it shows that (this is not a valid Pocket PC Application), so I tried lot of time but of no use.

In case I want to make a new application compatible to run on my Pocket PC Toshiba e-450, which software I may need. Or is there any software available that can help me to convert/migrate/support automatically the VB codes of previous application for my Pocket PC.

Please Advice me.

SHri HAri

Tong Zhang
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05/28/04 05:42 PM
Re: Application for Desktop & Application For Pocket PC

You can not run VB codes generated in desktop environment directly on handheld platforms. You will need an app that enables VB code to work with handhelds. AppForge has an app called MobileVB which provides a platform for VB codes to run on almost all handhelds. You can check out more about this app here:

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09/06/06 06:35 AM
Re: Application for Desktop & Application For Pocket PC

Vijay, you have posted this same question six times even though you are receiving help in this thread. Cross-posting is not allowed here, and to be honest, I'm getting a bit tired of cleaning this up (finger inches toward the "Ban" button...).

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