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02/26/05 12:09 AM
Mobile phone as bluetooth modem to PDA to all this tekkie stuff and wonder if anyone can advise..

If I connect my Sony Ericsson T610 to my PDA to use it as a bluetooth modem does the GPRS still work as it appears to be just dialling up to my ISP as a normal call. I know with GPRS you pay for data downloaded (if using the mobile phone to connect to the internet) but not sure if this priciple still works if using the phone as a modem with a laptop or PDA.

Many thanks

(Head Honcho)
02/28/05 08:38 PM
Re: Mobile phone as bluetooth modem to PDA

If you're using the T610 as a modem over Bluetooth (called DUN, or dial up networking) and the phone is connecting over GPRS using your provider's data service, you'll pay for the amount of data transfered and not for call minutes. That's the default setup on GSM phone unless you created a new connection to dial your ISP instead.

If you setup the phone to dial your ISP instead (i.e.: Earthlink, AOL) then you'd be using what's called CSD and would get a slower connection and pay for minutes rather than data transferred.

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