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03/22/05 08:17 PM
CF card?

I'm going on holiday and I was thinking...

1. Should I get an SD card or CF card...

2. If a CF card, solid state storage or Microdrive?

3. Is eBay a suitable place to buy?

Please consider that I would be watching movies and listening to mp3s from my storage card. I already have a 512mb SD card, but that's insuficient for my uses. I dont want to spend more than 50 pounds (60 quid MAX) and I know that I can get a 2.2gig cf card for 50 quid and a 1gb sd for 45. what should I do?

(PDA Addict)
04/05/05 05:22 AM
Re: CF card?

If your Pocket PC has both kinds of slots, go with the CF card. They're sometimes faster and clearly you get a lot more storage for your money.

Microdrives are fine, but they do consume considerably more power than solid state memory.

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