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07/04/05 04:03 AM
targus folding keyboard

After sending an HP 4150 to a friend in Germany , now a folding fullsize keyboard (not wireless) is in order. I purchased the Targus Stowaway Portable Keyboard PA840U, but have concerns about it being compatible. I read some places that the 4150 connects the same as the iPAQ 2215, 3000 and 5000 series. Read that here in fact. I also read that the 3000 series needed an adaptor from Targus. I no longer find this particular keyboard for sale at Targus. I'm not sure if I'm sending a keyboard over to Germany that won't work with the PDA. Does anyone know? Targus makes one bazillion keyboards, have I bought the wrong one? Thanks for ANY input here.

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07/15/05 07:49 PM
Re: targus folding keyboard

It gets a little confusing since some of the old iPAQ 3000 series models (like the 3600, 3700) used a different connector than the 3900 model series and the other iPAQs you mentioned. You should not need an adapter for the 4150. However, the plastic connector may stick up a bit too much on the sides and your friend in Germany might have to file it down a bit to get a good fit.

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