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07/19/05 01:29 AM
Backup and restore to new PDA

I am about to sell my existing PDA. In a couple of weeks time I will have a new one.

I need to be able to therefore back up all the data on my existing PDA, which is Windows Mobile 2002 ... but then restore it to a completely new device, which is Windows Mobile 2003.

If I do a standard backup via the inbuilt backup utility, and activesync, can I then do the reverse on the new PDA?

It is particularly the address book and calendar that I am concerned about as I doi not want to find I lose all the data as I suddenly can't import it to the new PDA.

Any advice? Or is this simply a non issue and I can back up from one and import automatically to the new one.


(Head Honcho)
08/30/05 03:40 AM
Re: Backup and restore to new PDA

You cannot restore a backup from a device that runs an older OS and is a different brand or model. This is because system files are different between brands, models and operating system versions. However, if you are just concerned with your PIM data (contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and email) then sync the old PDA to Outlook on the desktop. That way when you sync your new PDA, it can sync to desktop Outlook and all that data will be put on the new PDA.

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