(junior member)
07/19/05 07:23 PM
Qtek S100 hangs.

I have had ny Qtek S100 (I-mate JAM) for about 5 month now.
I have recently had som eproblems with my device. It hangs and need to be rebooted several times in a row. this happens during syncronisation via GPRS.
Also lack of internal memory seems to be a general problem even if I have a 1GB od SD memory in the device I can't address data or program to this meory just files and mail attachements. Any suggestions?

(PDA Addict)
07/27/05 11:51 PM
Re: Qtek S100 hangs.

If you're getting low on internal memory the device might misbehave. Try to make sure you have about 12 megs of program memory and 8 megs of internal storage memory free.

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