(junior member)
02/13/06 06:02 PM
about Windows Mobile

Can I run desktop?s programs on WM and vice versa? (Windows XP) In other word can I compile programs on PC compiler then run on the Pocket PC?

(Moderator and writer)
02/13/06 08:00 PM
Re: about Windows Mobile

No, Windows XP applications are totally separate from Windows Mobile apps. However, Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE does include development capabilities for both XP and Mobile.

(PDA Addict)
02/14/06 03:41 AM
Re: about Windows Mobile

I think you're talking about the so called "lifestyle" PC that Microsoft is supposed to come out with. Its smallish in size, and supposedly run the full Windows XP and its applications. Windows Mobile is a different operating system, and like what Jacob says, if you have Visual Studio, you can create applications to run on the Windows Mobile environment.

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