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07/14/06 12:39 AM
How realistic will using a portable keypad be in your lap

Hey, here is my circumstance and you guys tell me what you think.....I'm thinking about getting a PDA to use for my job. I don't need a laptop which wouldn't work for my work. I'm at different locations everyday and have to fill in reports, many pages, of a form I can download in Word. My handwriting is terrible, and it would be too much writing to peck at the screen keypad, so I'm wondering how realistic it would be to have a portable keyboard and use it on my lap with a PDA, sometimes I may have access to a table, but I'd have a hard surface on my lap where I could set up my PDA and keypad easily. What do you think? Is it easy enough to work in Word typing and seeing the forms? I've never had a PDA so am not familiar with them and how easy or not to function in Word. I'm really hoping it would work, so my office will stop giving me a hard time about my handwriting! Thanks everyone. P.S. I'm leaning toward a Microsoft version PDA. The navigation element of one is also worthwhile for me. Also the ability to be Wi-Fi and check emails.I was thinking of the HP2795. It is all so confusing, I know.

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07/15/06 04:10 PM
Re: How realistic will using a portable keypad be in your lap

See my reply in the Palm forum on our site.

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