(junior member)
09/18/07 11:49 PM
Battery life while playing video

Hey there. I have a rtreo 650 now and want to move to a windows mobile (possibly the HTC P3300 but have not yet decided). One nice thing about the Treo is that I get about 8 hours of (movie) watching on a full charge with the treo.

What has your experience been watching video on your windows mobile device? What device do you have and how long will the battery last while playing video (with radio, WiFi, GPS all turned off and screen brightness reasonably low)?


(Head Honcho)
09/19/07 03:07 AM
Re: Battery life while playing video

8 hours is fantastic for a PDA phone. With a standard battery, there aren't many phones that can challenge that other than the iPhone. In my experience with several Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone edition devices, 4-5 hours is the norm with a standard battery..

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