03/19/08 04:41 PM
WinMo6 comm manager issue

I recently purchased a HTC Advantage. So far so good.

When installing some software yesterday, I had to do a couple of soft resets and one restore because of installation issues with the new software.

Worked through the install problem, but now when I launch the "Comm Manager", I get the error message, "Failed to read Comm Manager settings..."

I still have connections, at least with WiFi, etc. by setting them up individually on the Settings|Connections page, but have no control once I make a connection - no turning things off, etc.

Thanks for any help,


(Head Honcho)
03/20/08 04:07 AM
Re: WinMo6 comm manager issue

Hmmm, sounds like a hard reset followed by installing 3rd party apps one by one is in order. The Comm Manager files are mostly in flash ROM, so it's not easy to tinker with them. But you could check out HTC Athena forum section to see if they've got any info.

03/20/08 03:57 PM
Re: WinMo6 comm manager issue

>sounds like a hard reset followed by installing 3rd party apps....

Well, it actually took 2 hard resets to get it done. The first cleared the Comm Manager problem. The second was quite strange.

After the first reset when making the initial sync with the PC, the device was named something like, "WM_adminstra_1" in Activsync. I did not name it this nor could I find any reference to this name. I also could not sync with the PC, copy/delete files, etc. on the device.

It's as if it was logged on as administrator and I was a separate user without rights.

Anyway, all is well now.


Ron P.

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